Theres no place for good people to be good {dead good is acceptable or good corrupted}

Theres no place for good people to be good

When you are a toddler playing with siblings and family around you hardly nothing seems to be an issue ,even when you lack and later have meals it seems to be normal...anyway you eventually forget .

When you become a teenager and start working for the family to earn meals while others are playing then you start to appreciate those who have what you don’t..even though still reality has not kicked in that there is something missing.

When you go to higher school and realize people have to be mobilized by any means to accommodate and pay for your fees now you start to realize what being an orphan really is.
When other students are visited and you see you all alone..then you truly know you should never have lost your parents.
But something changes... you realize its not the same with your siblings... somehow life does not work the same to them... all those things that worry you seem to not for them.

Slowly you start to think there is a problem with the system...You graduate to higher levels by mere luck designed to make sure you learn you do not qualify or deserve to have it that way... but by certain collision of mis and hit you seem to get through in the smallest of chances open.

Now you join the real world...firstly it seems to be favours after favours...luck between chances... but it is all doors into your permanent hell ,just windows into your recurrent wickedness.
All you have to do now is just be employed ...and do your job but over small periods you start to see the meaning of does you...and makes you really get wasted while trying to show off your skills and well cultured being.You give it all but you get all just to get by...
All your friends who seemed not much seem to have a better hand.You are stagnating where others seem to flow.
And you realize it is just doors opened for you to be frustrated ignored and rejected ...maybe just so that you know its not your place..but everyone else seems to be ok so it cannot be the system ,there must be something wrong with me..

It does you good to do good  but nature demands you do not expect the same. You become great to everyone one and hope to get the same for every little thing you have done...its not the same.The only place like that is in the grave in spirit and no one has ever return to say no otherwise.I call that place HOME.

Then you fall from the small grace and everything seems from worse to nowhere.And you can only get so much credit from those you trust... before you start becoming a burden. So where am being suppose to start...crying for myself or those who expect from me... die with my bad luck or hold in to get more frustrated...keep trying while you know you are the problem..or hope things will finally rearrange.

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