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The Goal is Not to Change People but Rather give Them an Experience [one that they do not wanna forget]

The goal is not to change people but rather give them an experience 

People hate change...
That is why it is easy to tell them truth in a joke or cartoon way.... tell them a lie because they deduce the truth.
People hate change but love being mocked about it... people appreciate a quo status so its good acting like you care...

Many times that i hear peoples stories its only two versions ...the versions of the people who get extremely changed or the people who end up trying to match up the change. And the later  is the biggest no. 99%

People who notice change quickly and match to it very as  soon as they realize it get very well remunerated,the stories of those who dilly dull,are that certain person told me or hinted these would become... and when it goes the bad way as prospected they end up very happy and historians.

How can we define people who take risks of future change and turn out good for them...or those who ignore the speculation and it turns great for them...

Its common knowledge that those who take future risks and turn good are greet seers and the reverse tend to be doomsayers.

But in truth both use future knowledge to their advantage sameway... one persons intuition of a bad event can turn great or miserable for them or others.

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