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What About the People with Unmatched Destinies [ Full of Surprises ]
Small class of Should and want to be and never be (the unmatched life destinies)

By default ,alteration or by fate so many people are crying for a chance to be something they really feel is the only thing that would help them fulfill life’s purpose.

So many motherless children..a lot of childless moms millions of partner-less singles and so many more dreams to be deserve and never get a chance to do or be.
walking in the spirit i experience cries ,tears and frustration of real people who are trying to be something or somewhere many with valid and good reasons...but somehow something in nature cannot connect or let it be.

So what can we do for these can you best answer each one of them in a default way that identifies with their need and does give them hope and reason to be.

We cannot always pray or believe the same prayers ,we cannot always say wait.. we cannot always say there's A reason... sometimes there are never best answers sometimes even listening makes the problem worse because you really do not know what to say.

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