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Exposing The Facebook Logo F () 4 Secrets Leaked...

Any letter or basically on our case ,F is just a letter but if you edit and model it becomes a brand.
 and thats where your brain gets tricked to see or not to see hidden or things tied or not tied to a brand or product.

Secrets of any product its truth or tied destiny of visualizations by end user mostly is in the branding.
Any customer is therefore not silly when they mistake a fake brand for a name or logo when buying a product but rather it is embedded in the brain to read quickly and interpret pictures or words and faces.

facebook-f  has done that to an extra level f .

Everytime you ever shall see these it is already programmed in your mind as a leading and misleading guide ,to what the owners need you to feel.

The Logo is designed to make you feel secure and bring you into absolute calm when you see and start to associate with its bearer the accounts.
Anytime before you login you will see the COLOR blue which represents color blind people,the SKY and The SEA images.But you are not wrong if you associate water with color blue and also the as the image of EARTH from space.


THE WALKING STICK* in the F,this is level 2 of visual Effects ,it instantly takes you to The wise old man we all know.

This is Not by Mistake if you have watched facebook has settled on these specific log encouraging people to feel connect to their past old parents to their future as old people.
 Facebook is ultimately telling you that it was and will be with you.the specific dimensions to bring that image are balanced so well just above the cross at the middle so that it does not alter the effect.

The SLANTED*  cross stick or the Minus with different look at the EDGES*

 Consider F Mid as a White Cross,Why Does facebook maintain the same slant at the front of the F and Back these has two reasons.Of the first is , these is level 3 divine installation to bring the color Blue of background  and white of F to harmony to associate the Health Peace and Nature which facebook wants to Users to feel and believe.It is vague and highest level of promiscuity that facebook goes ahead and sell user data without their consent to adverstisers and possible hackers.
These was covered in our earlier post on that link and it is still hard to believe to many.

 The JIG* in the curve between mid of F and and the WHOLE RIGHT-SIDE.

 Yes you Guessed right ,it is the JIG which is in-directly shown in the right of F.this is one mystery we had to crack from and with top people of facebook. inc. The Jig Side represents the puzzle which people fill by finding friends with same interests same thinking and backgrounds or aspirations.
The highest community of family and friends Puzzle is only on Facebook which we can credit with easely.

It is important for people to notice and realize that these things do not happen by mistake but by design.and very big payments are done to make these 'accrue-ations'   or to make something look like another with a vague interpretation.


Have Facebook Day as look at yourself.Do you grasp maybe we can help,MIRRORS* the reflection implied on the HD facebook logo is to actually indicate lower look and higher notice also the outline edges are white.Some interpret these as a Racist design to mean the owners are white and all the powers are controlled by whites.


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