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The FDA ,National Cancer Institute and US government Admits CANNABI Treats Diseases.'Marijuana' has recently become of great interest ,many stand to believe governments are aiding in hiding the truth ,research and publishing about uses and importance of Cannabis Plant.
A recent journal has even been banned and pulled down for publishing some of ITS extreme findings related to 'cure' of cancer .

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Cannabis and CannabiNOID related substances

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant first grown in Central Asia that is now grown in many parts of the world. The Cannabis plant makes a resin (thick substance) that contains compounds called cannabinoids.
Apart from the Rastafari societies and highly quoted part of  the Mau Mau and Mungiki cannabi is used in foods and a smoke pass time drug.

  Social discourse and scientific Research and historical declarations

Google and google owned youtube are currently clocking into billions of search ,marijuana or cannabi uses ' of the herb .Others are trying to locate official statements about the usability and scientific studies of the cannabi plant and products.
It is a common belief that the herb ,'as it is referred,'  is a superior plant and more than a weed.Cannabi ,which is commodity in blackmarket, sold and underground consumed is part of the white law and governments in large regulated and criminalised to seem an illegal consumer product...

True draws from social studies and old truth is that,Marijuana is a brain catalyst and in itself does not contain thoughts or actions but rather helps one come to a conclusion.
To put facts in the words it is well known that if you add water into plants they grow. if you want to burn a wood and poor petrol it burns faster.One word ,Catalyst.
So well same it is that if you have a fear you cannot conquer like heights ,prior smoking or consumption of cannabis products to taking a task makes a man seem fearless.Same case applies to a singer or instrument player..the herb makes the brain reveal all the courage and knowledge.
If you prepare to eating and smoke the herb just before is it common knowledge you end up eating more.If you feel pain and smoke the herb the pain is suspended.These is the most of truth hidden even in times of war since it works as a super power.

FDA and USA Cancer Institute statements and findings.
The FDA has also tested the chemical content of cannabinoid compounds in some of the products, and many were found to not contain the levels of CBD they claimed to contain. We have also heard reports of CBD potentially containing contaminants (e.g., pesticides, heavy metals); we are looking into this."

Uses and Advantages Of Using CannabIs Or Marijuana Products

The Cancer Institute of USA clearly states that, "Cannabis and cannabinoids have been studied as ways to manage side effects of cancer and cancer therapies."

1.  Further CANNABIS is used to treat NAUSEA and VOMITING Side effects as a result of cancer treatment.

2. Delta-9-THC taken by mouth: A clinical trial compared delta-9-THC (dronabinol) and a standard drug (megestrol, an appetite stimulant) in patients with advanced cancer and loss of appetite. Results showed that delta-9-THC did not help increase appetite or weight gain in advanced cancer patients compared with megestrol.  
However, a clinical trial of patients with HIV/AIDS and weight loss found that those who took delta-9-THC had better appetite and stopped losing weight compared with patients who took a placebo.

 3. Cannabis in patients with peripheral neuropathy or other nerve pain found pain was reduced in patients who received inhaled Cannabis.

4. Cannabis extract that was sprayed under the tongue found it helped Relieve pain in patients with advanced cancer better than other drugs.

5. A small case series found that patients who inhaled Cannabis had improved mood, improved sense of well-being, and less anxiety. In another study, 74 patients newly diagnosed with head and neck cancer who were Cannabis users were matched to 74 nonusers. The Cannabis users had markedly lower anxiety or depression and less pain or discomfort than the nonusers. The Cannabis users were also less tired, had more appetite, and reported greater feelings of well-being.

False News and Trends drawing from Marijuana related campaigns.

Cooperations and government machinery have been writing and trying to cover all stories and true end research findings about the ability of cannabis to cure cancer but on the following records we shall visit official government and scientific findings.

What you need to know about Cannabis and Governments and Co operations investments.

There are billions of dollars of investments put in by governments and medicine community to research on medicines, that would be proved null and void if cannabis alone is advertised best in aiding healing or blood circulation,these means it is not profitable to bring an old always available free cure.

Truth and nothing but the truth.

Cannabis can cure when regulated catalyse when monitored and destroy if not controlled.

It aids the brain workings and memory retrieval and more in learning activites.

People Normally use it as a pass time or leisure "feel high Drug"

It can cause or aid sleep and pain relieving .

It is used by soldiers as adrenaline boost and fear coaches to patients.

By it being illegal it controls profits to a few just like employment.


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