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They Call us Africans But Who are we ,what is our real Name by culture.

If i call you Kenyan is merely by the place you live.
If i call you Moses its by the name you were given.
But by Culture and tradition every dweller of the said African continent has a practice from God or from their traditions and behaviors.
Mockery naming of africa

The name Africa was given by Romans who found a land and decided it name.
Africa had no boundaries neither tail or head because the land was the way God made it.
The dwelling of the people was named by the names of God and references of nature or how that place treated the people who dwell their.

Some names were derived from plants animals or the gods that lived or were thought to be there.
There is no place called America ,russia europe or middle east.
These are names given by people who choose occupy the land but by default the who world had cultural names and titles related to its behavior and as earlier stated .

for instance using the Agukuyu land territory as known and quoted by Leakey people

 'Other environmental icons used for home sacrifices and offerings and related blessing rituals are mountains. The main ones include: Kĩrĩ-Nyaga (Bright-Spotted Mountain,i.e. Mt Kenya), Kĩa-Njahĩ (the Bean Mountain, i.e., Mt Kilimambogo), Kĩa-mbirũirũ (the Blue-Blak Mountain ,i.e., Ngong Hills) and Kĩa-Nyandarũa (Kinangop or Abadares). All these and their sorrundings are grately respected. It is a curse to deliberately ruin them and the environment."

In that statement we find that the naming of the four mountains that surrounded agikuyu land had significant meaning and reason and that the names were not arbitration of interest by the people who later colonialized the places.

It is good consent to know and note that when a modern city street is named it is normally for memory or for reason of placement or occupation and any place that does not adhere to that conformity will be regard by locals as new name or unknown.
It is great sense to mentio  that not even Kenya is the actual name for the place but rather a corruption of the whites who asked 'Gaichuhie'  the name of the main mountain which was actually 'Kiri-nyaga' which also is corrupted by people who do not understand the truth of the word.the 'kiri- means that has' and the nyaga- mean brighteness or shining white'
the word is corrupted that nyaga is ostrich but in truth it is the snow or ice or glacier.

So let no one say what you are  but tell them what you are.

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