Saturday, 31 August 2019

WhiteMan now Being Haunted by His Black Shadow

White man Haunted by his black shadow 

shadow was the first discovery that everything black was behind or before creation.
That was confirmed when they discovered the first facebook of creation profile was recorded that in :genesis; "the upper and lower firmament of earth were filled with darkness"
So the white man realized

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Spirits of Your Dead Grandfathers are Haunting you for Unpaid Debts

Spirits of Your Dead Grandfathers are Haunting you for Unpaid Debts


Do you find unsual “ndwari “ disease visiting your house?
Are there freak accidents and mishaps of food plates or drinking cups getting broken uselessly?
Is your family fighting abnormal unluck and struggling to get needs met?

How do you tell spirits are visiting you... getting “kwihinga” toe flick accidents small unexplained cuts and blood spills... foot aches ,back aches ,head aches Those are the undoubtedly signs of visits by dead people spirits claiming for and reminding us slowly there is unsettled scores.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

There is a Snake 🐍 in Your Daughters Mouth

There is a Snake πŸin your daughters Mouth

This is the second liberation....we say to divide a nation empower a woman and to educate a people teach a woman.. it is a spell of words and so many women would want to exit now but the truth hurts.

But if you look at the words they do not say teach or empower a man,so the only left teacher and empowerer is the man.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Lee Scracth Perry And Other Genius Black People,How White Buy Out Black Genius

Chris blackwell bought and sponsored bobs albums and Lee Perry Pirated the music and distributed it for free before whites banned all the music in Britain to english sound systems and discos.
Chris Blakwell and even told bob what kind of music would be marketable but the sole reason was to kill the ras of the music.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Southern Kikuyu Before !903 Digital Book

Acquire the book through PAYPAL Email

The Whiteman Christ not God nor the Bible.

The whiteman did not come with the bible to Africa..

Neither did he introduce God they brought Christ gospel... who to question the holy Jesus the Africans.... did Jesus only roam rome? Did the disciples only be white and die in

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

How To Create Positive or Negative Energy in People

You can create energy in people 
Some basic principles and thoughts have been put out and those who might not be aware they already use certain energy to control ,enable or disable people here are some usual examples.

Giving conpliments- a good compliment makes people talk to themselve and orgasm  sometimes even just by the mind travel without people leaving where they are.

Discouraging - a positive type of these kind of words...puts out good energy..and the reverse destroys people.This is also like passing the third eye or letting people access you spiritual world.

Thanking people - small actions of kindness are rarely taken heavily but to those who have not been know what it is to be made be...and the always do goes along way than hoping to do the same.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

They Call us Africans But Who are we ,what is our real Name by culture.

If i call you Kenyan is merely by the place you live.
If i call you Moses its by the name you were given.
But by Culture and tradition every dweller of the said African continent has a practice from God or from their traditions and behaviors.
Mockery naming of africa

The name Africa was given by Romans who found a land and decided it name.
Africa had no boundaries neither tail or head because the land was the way God made it.
The dwelling of the people was named by the names of God and references of nature or how that place treated the people who dwell their.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

First White Explorers Were Scouting for Their Origin in Africa

It is shocking news that the first white explorers were only out to scout for people like them and true roots of where they came from. Richard Leakey ,Vasco da Gama INCLUDING NOT FORGETTING TIME OF ARRIVAL
  • Bartolomeu Dias (1450-1500) ...
  • Vasco da Gama (1460–1524) ...
  • Ferdinand Magellan (1480–1521) ...
  • Francisco Pizarro (1529-1541) ...
  • Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) ...
  • Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) ...
  • Vasco NuΓ±ez de Balboa (1475-1519) ...
  • Hernando CortΓ©s (1485-1547)

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