Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Debt of the Dead. (Thiire Wa Ngomi) and other Tradition

Goitre is a sickness prescribed by modern doctors as iodine lack or deficiency.
The agikuyu normally ask who eats their own pot alone? no one then you cannot all alone have iodine deficiency. rather they call that being held by the throat by those who died because there is a debt to be paid.

Words and thiomi or language of agikuyu...

guturwo ni mutwe constant headache - mostly is a problem caused by debt to the dead. or  a person who is suppose to speak and be a mundu mugo or a teller of things and words to the people.

Nyungu ya makara- pot of charcoal is given to parents of a daughter if the daughter was dangerous as a sign the sold woman might be returned due to bad behavior.

Nyungu ya bibi-pot of goat or sheep manure- given to parents of a woman.means a lady is perfect for marriage and possibly virgin or productive and welcoming woman.that woman will bear a great generation.

Ndwari ni utware- a disease that has a debt and you have to pay a certain debt to be healed.
Murimo ni urimo- a sickness that catch up with people beacuse of lack of knowledge or lack of good hygiene.

Ngoima- a sheep that has been castrated for the purpose of holy tradition or sacrifice to God.

more to be added ,due to time i can only write as i can.

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