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Being Part of Something

Of all things i have always wanted to be part of something...

To belong somewhere...and to be with people who can tell me doing right is wrong and doing wrong is right...those kind of people...yes that can call you midnight to go nowhere...and can still ask you to go home...where i can sleep listening to their stories not worrying they will kill me...and to be there like i am not...
I do know how...and i dont know anyone...
I want those people who ask you to go after a gal that you joke she looks fine...and they laugh at you when you say you did not mean it...the kind that can bring you a woman when they know you have a wife...a team that can ask you to leave your that you can have more time with them...i mean they actually do not mean it..they just wanna fakely appreciate your presence.

What if all those are not important...because even the son of man with all the possible friends and family he had it was all left behind for just one thing...
Imagine he could turn water into wine...1 fish into bread to thousands...walk on water ..sweat blood...see the future all the same things i need...he even had 12 best friends...and one of them loved him more and he was the only one to fulfill his destiny and purpose...all religions want a share of a prophet...who lead or leads... all human just want a leader who can lead..and thats how egyptians were able to build the pyramids by hand...because one person had a vision and he could talk it.

The greatest thing for a man to have and leave behind is WORDS.
There is nothing greater than someone who have words...because those ones you do not pick but they come put of your soul.

Wealth,health,property ,family,name is same as all the kings of egypt Jesus and Obama have had ...but nothing even solomons wealth can be seen today or in a short future... but somehow words keep finding a way to regenerate and grow and repeat.
Words are the only great thing

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