Your Children Are Watching Evil And Gay Content Promotion.

Evil and gay or lesbian cartoon being aired on cartoons networks need regulations.
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Why have we accepted everything thrown to us it by hunger or sheer carelessness that parents just turn on the tv screens and feed the children the first thing which comes on cartoon networks?

I am extra cautious and my spouse tends to think i am too much...forgive me for being observant... Lion guard cartoon is a vague representation of African wildlife...the designer or them who program and prepare arts could in no way not know the agenda behind having Tattoos on the major animals...
The message here reads that leaders are rotten and someone is orchestrated the ideas shown or presented.

The culture of man is addition or subs-traction hardly he wants things to be preserved or remain the same. 
Even on most awkward of places the jungle has an order if all you have no brain.
There is no place even on the stars things happen any how way.The sun has gates the moon has gates,order and times so no foolish person would say the sun just appears whenever.
We need a localized control of African content as it is presented by foreigners ,and those Africans who contribute to such shows  rethink what agendas they actually stand for.
In the jungle ,there is a family tree systems and it works..there is a mother,father and children. 

When we say a lion guard and sons and ancestors without true reflection of the mothers contribution it is sad.
Our history is not one sided nor tattooing true decision of a minor...
I also have great hatred for vampires living amongst people that same idea is like accepting demons among angels.

That idea is dirty and furiously promoted by white and lgbt community as all in a whole to bring the new world order.

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