Why the world does not need military without humanity and Public Relations Training.

Why the world does not need military without humanity and Public Relations Training.

The main trouble why people fear getting cross with the system is not because they cannot or they do not know how to do it...
But  because there is a rogue bullet or a few security forces who do not actually know the value of  human life ...they are blindly trained to maim ,kill get rough with citizens..
This is the reason some police and guards do not give a damn what happens to the public when they leave the camp and go to attack mode.

They love and feel orders are valuable than human life till they start getting old and not one life they took can be recovered and they start to worry for their spirit.
When you see a guard from the military police  ,response units or para-military do not go close ,they do not care what happens to you, they are trained not to...they come from school do not struggle and start getting paid to do nothing and hate people...they do not know anything else.

They will fight you going in and ask for a handout coming out. They think nothing is big and they also forget fast...they do not have courtesy nor love cleanliness if you happen to attend their call rooms you will not live their hygiene curiosity.

Never loose a leg or a hand because they wont care not take responsibility...the same powers that sent them do not plan to take responsibility of anything.

Unless you are willing to die for a cry of revolution , and really and truly know the cost of giving life and you surely dedicate yourself to a course, never push the security forces,They will hurt you ,your mother ,son  or daughter and feel nothing.

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