Monday, 3 June 2019

What is Better Citizenship and Poverty or a Refugee with Money and World Attention?

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What is better citizenship and poverty or refugee with money and world attention.

I cannot believe myself juggling and weighing on these as a person in a “state of calm”  ...
Yeah am literally speaking of self and the Kenyan state... here i am also thinking about Somalia Yemen Congo Iraq and etc.

How did i get here...
As a child who lost parents early i have experienced changing of hands through homes as no one really wanna take an extra burden...and when they wish not everyone agrees or is willing and able.

So in the state of sponsorship and education...I happened to find myself in a refugee IT school...but since i was  not a refugee i had to pay...some fee,and my uncle did that.

But thats not the story in that class i have on my left Rwandese ,right,Ethiopian,front Somalis...back Sudanese refugees...

The experience ,or fairly call it frustration came when I realized what kind of students i was schooling with...
They are here for courses that would guarantee a place abroad ,and get to prove while out there they can actually put their hands to the i put it... yes me , i surprise myself too!

Here they are registered refugees who get housing allowance ,food ,clothing and other basic they calculate that i do not know...but they do live hell of a good life.

My distance home is 1hr away and they only get to walk 200m max from a posh estate next to the college...because they can afford it.

They wear designer clothing and eat at top star hotels...they shop for food at the high end markets and they do not seem to care much about the cost...

As i speak to a friend ...i remember today that, i am comparing my current status to those they own much more while am here struggling as a tech in a Sec sys IT company ,and they do not care if i live on a tree or  should i say He.
But luckily today two weeks ago i found my ultimate calling. But i have to write these still...

My classmates and others i do not know ,have high end shopping malls and stalls in the city...selling a turn off of close to 500k a day and that part of stock is loot by pirates so it costs them nothing....

I cannot afford any capital so i have to work here till i can find better paying job or my miracle finds me since i now know my path..whichever comes first...i again ask myself WHO AM I WORLDS MISTAKE....

I do not wanna be a refugee...but that life seems much better 

But it brings me to another state of realisation...these things must be designed and instigated...because who wants to be at war with their brother or one in faith ,for 30yrs...?

And only the main minerals producing it must be ..really important to someone having crisis around here...

Ask me who again next year i might have to change wordss in these article... if they do not hack and delete these site already...
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