Life of Vocalist by Ecspedition

Life of a Vocalist by Ecspedition.
Life of a Vocalist

The Writer is a Vocalist,Ecspedition is a Singer,else referred to also as a singjay.
The genre of concentration is Reggae.Having grown up in a semi ghetto life upbringing after loss of the father in 1994 life took a hard turn from the easy way of possibility to reducing for today only.
Giving  me a chance to see people things and life in a different way,to value and to know God the True God.
By life being mean i got the best chance to be what i am,i would never regret any way an outcome became.
From a mere normal child to journey into Music...Godliness and Spirituality...A life of Rastafiri,,and expedition of Wabi Sabi the principle of each have guided me to be who i may appear to you today and in future.

The biography tells of my story...Journey to Ecspedition in Expedition

Part bio also qouted at ..Biography of Ecspedition
also on ...Built in Kenya By Women
Live interview with Ecspedition
Secrets to Masterly of A Skill
Ecspedition Live Television Interview

What is Life of a Vocalist?
These is my platform to say uncover and express everything going and gone in my a singer since it is my high calling to help me achieve my highest calling. Serving the children of almighty God.

The Domain is sponsored solely by Ecspedition.
Unless stated otherwise on any certain pages or articles with reference [contribution by].

The Stories written are purely a creation or recreation of real life of FUTURE,PAST,TRADITIONS,CULTURE,LIFESTYLE OR PHOTOGRAPHY BY ecspedition.

No Financial value or Gain is intended by these Domain but rather to clear and set things and words straight,for every man should be accountable,or is to be.

Any advertisements would be of possible sponsors and are all regulated since we or i do not promote various kind of content.such as Governance Misinformation or propaganda,and government campaigns,Nudity in photography unless it it to cover a story.or sexual explicit content unless it is music mostly from people i know talking issues i can vouch for.

.Money comes and money goes,people come and people may go...but i remain just live int the poem
Who Am I,Worlds Mistake Poem

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