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One of these fine days i heard someone i consider too cunning ,say LOYALTY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE 
But in nature and practise, it is hard to break the two because Loyalty is about being there in good and bad..and Sacrifice is doing everything and anything for good or the benefit of someone else .Friends! those ones leave and get new enemies
So it is always about someone else.

And I was there asking myself ,was that ,saying directed to me ? But the person looking good against me actually is loyal to the one we agree to rebel against.
There is even a saying in Swahili “zubaa zubaa utapata mwana si wako” that if you go slow or let your guard down someone can claim you child..”

This is utter craziness that we are even trained to be greedy... and not to TRUST OR BE FREE WITH FELLOW PEOPLE.

Black people train and support you to hate your people but behind you, they tier and labour night an day to look good,loyal and give their best to make you always look bad,behind and in front of your back.

Just so that when you are out or exhausted they take your place like you gave it willingly while they put up all the fight in you to rebel.

The true friends are people who show you hatred because they actually show what good you are... but the friends show your badness by looking good with you.

We go where we are wanted,we love those who love it is natural to gravitate to people who show you fake loving than genuine hatred...
And that is the same principle of selling out or becoming of a different character...
It breaks me to learn no matter how hard i have worked ...invested myself in music my people hardly or ever appreciate or take time to accept my little and great did...
Its literal to know and learn i am appreciated more in foreign than at home by people who actually see how hard i try to becoming something...

We are even told of the writing in the bible that we love to call African history or black...that a prophet is never appreciated in his hometown... can you believe Black people have even their own against themselves proverbs to actually encourage their badness instead of trying to fix it.

How come my friends try everything to look rebels with me, yet they seamlessly look better and loyal to ones i rebel against.
The moment you start looking at yourself conduct you learn how life and things around you affect you.

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