Africans Stop Copying African Business Rather Find Ideas

Africans so not like africans to be equals

Have you ever noticed a trend when someone by the street starts selling boiled eggs and seems to do well ten others copy and start doing the same?

That is African style of diminishing each other.THAT IS PURE JEALOUSY MANIFESTATION.
Rather it is ideal that you go and find a solution or a raw material that those people might need and start supplying them that way the chain gets longer and efficient.

If an Artist Like wasafi eg the Kanyaga release a new song with the same style that works for him and record label do not copy the vibe ,go find a new thing so that attention is diverted.

it is uncommon to succeed in the same area others have done while doing same as them or repeating the original design.It is important for artist or even businessman to realize it is easy to start from scratch than to copy from scratch. 
They [Africans] so not encourage fellows to be successful for the sake of everyone 
They do not give you chances to be successful 
The hate fellows who get chances and become. Bigger than them
They do not promote communism in terms of communitism.
The like copying fellow Africa business which are successful unlike finding how to start a business that can support a successful business. Or start a way to supply those with raw materials or required inputs.
Africans here is Africans not black people because jesus was black bible is black white people are black since they are offspring of black people and the Arabs and many other Hindu blacks .
The reason Slave trade was successful is because Africans leaders sold Africans.
The welcome nature of Africans works to their disadvantage because Africans end up welcoming enemies to their secrets and treasures.

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