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Nipsey Hussle story

His history

#NipseyHussle Shot 

The black homeland code exposed again

Dead on 31/3/2019

Age 33

street 60

Shot 6 times

Killed at the end of March

what the code means is killed at 33,on 3rd march on 31,6 times.

33,3,31,6 add up whatever you wish its just how it is.


It is getting defined as war on Hope by his child hood friends.

Many have argued that he was planning to release a video documentary about Dr. SEBI RESEARCH AND HISTORY OF NATURAL CURES which would have rebelled the Natural USA and world order of business.

Dr Sebi is said to have cured diseases and won a case in court when they 'system ' tried put him on case for fixing sick people without a licence.

The truth is that Nipsey Hussle did community help and set up businesses to uplift his hood.

Nipsey was a class and school speaker fone order issuer.He was loved and motivated many people.

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