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The Words of an Old Man Almost same as actions of a Ghetto Child

The words of an old man are almost the same as the actions of a ghetto child.
African old man

Its been a long time struggling with self-confidence and instant decisions. As a country man, I have been brought up on Knowledge and hard embedding that patience trust worthy fear of God and respect to people’s properties is the ultimate quality of mankind.

Do not mistake me for being a fool for that still remains and stands as main pillars of a true and just man by any measure.

But now let me tell you a story about myself. Man is fully made by the surroundings and people around them. A ghetto child is built by circumstances and the need to survive now, Just for now.
White Ghetto child

But the normal build of a man is by the father granny’s and support from not ignore my statement of that that it is a man... not a woman...why because women can get married to a rich or prince by shear luck of beauty or brains. Of course and a some chance or placement.

When you are surrounded by well cultured old parents and friends its easy to become someone.... but it is the sane exact case for a well watchful ghetto kid which strives and learns a system of unfairness.

white ghetto child
The main principles and pillars of ghetto survival are to eat now carry what you can and wait for whatever later. When you arrive in the city two things kick to default ...your upbringing or your embedded decision making.

It is important to learn now or today that wherever you are nowadays as the system changes things are hardly working the same except God and if it is not so later i will tell you.
  1. Grab what you need when it is available life is not fair neither are people.
  2. Learn early that people care more about what they get than what they give.
  3. Acquiring property is the primary goal of all human and hardly do people care about large old good principles.
  4. Cases of money hardly get the conviction.
  5. A family is who cares about what you eat and how you survive.

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