Monday, 11 March 2019

Consider Studying Digital Markets

Future online jobs when Robots take human out of jobs in 15yrs time and maybe into exile


Making a song with human vocals 50kUSd
Making movies Without sci-fi 1mUSD
Using public transport will attract a pay of 20usd for leaving cars at home.
Delivering speech to humans 500k USD
Writing a motivational book 2m USD

Instagram sign up recommendation 20usd
Each login will earn 2usd
Each post with picture will earn 5usd
Liking other photos will earn 1usd
Sharing a photo or repost will earn 3usd
Live video with viewers 50usd upwards

Facebook sign up will earn 10 usd
Posting a status attract 2usd
With photo 5usd
Comment 5 usd
Like 0.5usd
Love 1usd
Sharing a status by someone 20 usd
Creating a page with complete details 100usd for marketing and tracking
Creating a group with 1m users and 5m reach will earn 1m usd.
Group posts will earn 2usd with upwards by social response.
Live facebook video will earn 50usd.

Twitter sign up recommended attract 20usd
Sign 10usd
Posting 2usd
With picture 5usd
RT 3usd

YouTube view 3m view 1usd
Creator video with legals 50 usd
Trending video will earn 1dollar per view while trending
Youtube like or dislike 0.5 usd for 3m view
YouTube share 30usd to social account 10usd to website embeds.
Sharing to whatsapp 3usd
Accounts with 100 subscribers will earn 10usd per 10 users

Website creating 1000usd
Genuine content per post share 100usd
1000 genuine users per post 1usd per user
Ads 500 usd per 100k impressions 
Content sharing 10usd to social media
5 usd to whatsapp

Data companies will offer free services for registered users
In return for ads sales.

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