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It cannot Work

Your system cannot work. I know you will fight me and can even easily win.
But from where I am talking from you would have to listen.

The system of police does not favour the ghetto. because firstly man is not supposed to lack and be limited. The rebels of negative thrive because the place of living does not control human behaviour. the computer system does not favour the rebels who have not broken society barrier..positive rebels I am talking about. The system of marriage in church and government cannot work, no not for long. The same-sex revolution and even new incestuous kind cannot work. because it only comes to prove that the almighty African believe is not all powerful.

Freedom of women cannot work because who really has their rights. this notion is just to provide a platform for women to occupy the place of men,, while we know women don’t even love themselves to start with a .they copy each other destroy each other and do not support their own because they don’t even believe themselves…except for few semenyalized ones who have acquired abnormal manly genes and am not a scientist…but I just know a good woman only compares to a man. the system of satellite and space cannot work because it is dedicated to proving one race declaration of individualism. Even China has to steal trade secrets just to justify the next course of action.
The system of recording music cannot work, or the labels, not he television..because the person who started it controls it and without his or her authorisation and acceptance you cannot break it. and if you break it, its because they allow you and will control what you do with the platform they give you.

Yes the white man system cannot work of course it seems like it is working but for the ones who accept not ask questions and those who ignore the spirit of the Africanness.those who make money and eat and sleep. those who drive and arrive.those who prefer not to be accountable to anyone.
The African system did not arrive in two hundred years. The system existed before white minority over 15 years ago ever since creation.the order of it is written and recorded in books and manuscripts hidden in the Vatican, Americas and high places of the queen's reign while she is in power and after she hands over after death. Mind you the queen is already too old to even understand Brexit.and all the happenings wont even find her arrive when the majority win and she is dead and her voiceless spirit roaming the earth looking at all the mess her and her forefathers created and designed and then her spirit together with the Lincolns and Washingtons bushes will be asking why didn’t we know this and prepare for better homes for our spirits.

Every day of their spiritual roam will and is regret because everything they did after death everyone realizes all was mistakes because inspirit you can only watch you and later generations mistakes forever.
African society had a design.

Yes, a hierarchy, a working order of which am gonna share with you.

The highest of the top was the Almighty God.

He did not have an equivalent of anyone or anything. but the name of God was an expression of power location order and distinction. God of all places.God the creator.Ngai The divider and appropriator.Mwene Nyaga as the owner of all birds. and this list can only be completed by all African societies, contributing and if you research you will learn.

The Lowest of the Order was Satan, the evil, the devil.

In between was the powers as follows.

Intercessors to God.

Prophets.and sacrifice men


Medicine men

Wood workers, ironsmith(black), time tellers, star readers and all people who had skills that were linked to the creator.
The next inline were The Heads of communities. 
the men who policed and solved of marriages the aggrieved, the blessers the good sayers and the best of the best thinkers who could see many generations ahead and dream or see visions.

The next defence was the hunters and gatherers. 
Even though the hunters were Men gatherers were gather the firewood and grains and eatable fruits .this were the young ladies who were perfect and virgin.
The mothers yes the aged women occupy this rank but also interceded to the old heads of communities because the orders of men to the ladies were passed by women and in this case the old women.

There was here the middle women who prepared meals and divided available fruits and gatherings to everyone in society. EXCEPT for THE MEN WHO TALKED TO God because they lived in caves. and mountains the holiest of holy places.P laces which were out of limits from the other people except for the messengers.

Food Matters.

Every home had a gallery for storing food grains dried meat and fish.
Everyone would be provided for atleast two to three seasons.
But today people only store a months foodstuff, everything else is in a mall or government silo…this incase of emergency is not accessible to everyone and you will have to cue or queue to get you to share.
Perfect fail. Death in the arena fight for food cause of the human crisis and would lack peace because the food is controlled.
That system cannot work.

In the African setting, people did not need to travel because the lived together and near.and if ever it was the herdsmen with the herd still impossible with the new system.and all if required was traders to leave and go the far places and trade. Journies were organised and no one had to travel to work or get funds. Or holidays .all these needs were provided for around the community.
Rest times were always set and dancers musicians and drama people were always ready to play ..their part.


Even as am writing this it will be hard to pass it because the white man's systems do not provide to transfer of information properly.
The earlier days if someone had something to say there were organized days for that of course through well coordination and consultation and no one was going for hustling or had to dash for bank transfer or was on holiday because matters of society was not I don’t feel like or I don’t have to.or I am busy.

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