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Vision of the four shadows

While i was dreaming last night...i saw my self seated among a group of young remake singers in a place that look like a class.

And in the midst of the session ..a stranger appeared and that person revealed to me as the president Museveni of uganda.and he had police escorts in subarus of part of kenya force.he was interested in what we were doing..but when he started talking the things he asked only i recognized and could asnswer back.

for that reason he i automatically was picked and i left that room with him to his hotel somewhere i do not know. and he demanded that the escort let me be alone with him.i felt scared but i also  realized i was enabled and could handle large things.''

He asked me to seat with him on a table but my shock was that..i was eating alone with the president.
and he said you are well informed but look under that door and i saw four shadows of people and when they heard him mention they started to leave one by one.

and he said to me,look even if i do a good thing they are listening and will block whatever i will try.and after the meals i walked out and saw my boses white van was packed outside and there i realised he was trying to follow me with the crown on my head.

FOr that reason i was in fear and wished to hide from him.but when he saw me try to escape from him he dissappeared as if to act like he was in interested with me.

later i tried to head back to the session room and on my way i could not either find the room nor the door.and there were many women offering to compete with me going down stairs ...and i was too late and even when i left them i did not find the entrence to the music room.

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