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Philosophy of the Traditional Kikuyu Religion AND all the Traditional African black

Philosophy of the Traditional Kikuyu Religion
The cardinal points in this Traditional Gĩkũyũ Religion Philosophy were squarely based on the general Bantu peoples thought as follows:
  1. The universe is composed of interacting and interconnected forces whose manifestation is the physical things we see, including ourselves and those we don't see.
  2. All those forces (things) in the universe came from God who, from the beginning of time, have had the vital divine force of creation within himself.
  3. Everything created by God retains a bond from God (Creator) to the created.
  4. The first humans who were created by God have the strongest vital force because they got it directly from God.
  5. Because these first humans sit just below God in power, they are almost like Gods or even can be Gods.
  6. The current parent of an individual is the link to God through the immediate dead and through ancestors.
  7. On Earth, humans have the highest quantity of vital force.
  8. All the other things (forces) on Earth were created to enable human vital force (being) become stronger.
  9. All things have vital force but some objects, plants and animals have higher vital force than others.
  10. A human can use an animal to symbolize the level of his vital force compared to other humans.
  11. There is a specific point within every physical manifestation (thing) of vital force where most that force is concentrated.
  12. A human can easily manipulate things to his advantage or to their detriment by identifying this point of concentration of vital force. There are human beings who have more knowledge of these forces and can manipulate them at will usually by invoking higher forces to assist.
  13. Higher forces are invoked by humans using lower forces (animal or plant sacrifice) as intermediaries. To approach higher forces directly is thahu (abomination which leads to a curse).
  14. The human society has some few elite people very skilled in the art of manipulating forces to strengthen a human(s) force or diminish it, strengthen any force below human force or diminish it.
  15. The leader of a human society is the one possessing the highest vital force as at that time or the one closest to God or both. Since the leader of this human society has the highest vital force and hence closer to God than any other person, he should be able to nourish the rest of the people by linking them to the ultimate God and by being able to command lower forces to act in such a way so as to reinforce the other humans vital force.
  16. The life force of a dead ancestor can come back to life through the act of birth of a new child, especially when the child is named after the departed ancestor and all is seen to be well.

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