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How they colonize man brain

Easiest way to colonize human brain
Motion pictures aka 
movie aka 
video aka 
pictures with sound and lighting

Yes,you think you are not part of the system... 
Listen or read carefully..
The Human eye can record permanently anything spotted for at least 3-10secs.

Amazing ?, no if you read you know more.

The brain records sound permanently in the first 30 - 90 secs depending on listeners interests. Without cord or key progression.

The ears can listen and concentrate to any sound ,but a sound that is not repeated first 10 sec   Interests the brain to tune more sense of interpretation and concentration .
That is when you spot someone trying to turn their head or face to the direction and source of echo or original sound.

The hands can copy any sound after first 1-5sec ,the legs join in a little after if the sound pattern starts to repeat.

How does this occupy humans so easily and feed their ego...

Creating a motion picture.
If you ever looked on one picture for more than 1min ,you realize that you start to place words flow and events that could have happened.

This leads to a notion that picture becoming "too easy to interpret." If there is not alteration or fade and blur effects.
If you listen to a song for more than 90 secs ,you start to grasp the whole story.

If the brain can solve all that information in such few secs ,why do we concentrate on a movie 120mins?

The secret lies in combination of all those effects of sound light and picture... 

First thing is to create sound... This can come from a song , nature , creation or spoken words.
Within the first 5 secs the pictures join ,but that sequence can change and it does not affect the outcome.

The third thing is to make the pictures moving : motion pictures : that is by creating a visual or actual effect or recording different shots of the same object simultaneously more than once or altering poss, and at the same time altering the lighting,And at the same time altering sound here by (adding instruments volume or new instruments and tone or key or speed ) and also change the picture .
Again changing picture or pose or motion and switching the lighting and changing sound or add channels changing angles or changing sound direction.

That sequence in that order confuses recording by brain and at this point it demands the eyes ears to re-spot the origin of sound and replay or refocus on the picture.

This order tells us that the brain hates to loose and that request is sustained by demand for both ears and eyes to tune up to bring a HDR AND Dual sound input so that the eyes can try process and record..

This request means the brain is supposed to FOLLOW everything that has more than one input longer. If the sequence and order of appearance is altered continuously.

Music videos.
This borrows from motion pictures
. Most music videos are made to lead or mislead the listener to follow or record more sound in that order respectively. 

This helps to sell a simple idea that would not have rather been opted for ,to listening to in singular audio.

Music videos are made with more complex art than movies.
The basic idea is that ...
No picture should last more than 2-3secs if it is a still..
And that no sound should repeat before lapse of a quarter beat ...

This means a whistle or or beep would not sell a video 30 secs.

For That reason by the blink of an eye sound should change 4 times and pictures 2 times.

To complicate matters further for the brain a picture of motion eg dancer ,should be accompanied by such (above) sound and should not repeat same motion first 5 secs.

That is why we have sections of life called 
Leisure time and discovery or exploration
Leisure being an order of spending time redoing patterns already mastered or recorded firstly..
While exploring is looking for new things not seen or heard to find what can be exciting by the brain.

So by creating funny videos ,advertisement,Music videos ,movie trailers, sample audio or music videos that follow all of the above steps you surely buy all the attention of any human kind

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