Monday, 12 February 2018

Whom, makes dreams

Its saturday night...i am alone in bed sleeping...just to confirm i am very good with computers and computerized devices and dj equipment....
So i love music and i am a singer vocalist too...
Just 23hrs i am still awake which is shocking me because one hour later i realize i have no sleep...

So i know only one thing can make me sleep music 

I turn pick up my fone turn music on ofcos its pure reggae and a few african its playing i place the fone under my pillow as i have done for 15 yrs if and when i sleep alone ad i have insomnia attack.

I have 400 songs only on the specific fone of the 5 have its an ild iphone 4 which i only use to store music since atleast no lame person can hack it with my projects..

In may be 30min tops i am asleep
I have afew dreams i take two licks this night and i believe my last is around 4am i cover an music is still playing and a dream is continuing.... Because they actually never start you always find yourself in a place no one else can change that.

On this day it is 9 Saturday feb 2018 but my dream says its december 31 and we have gone for a december kenyan party
In a short moment i realize we are in Uhuru park and thereis a large congregation rstimate of 400000 wich i were shocked why today everyonr was interested but  because i adstan even political leaders will  be here tonight for the shows lined....

As i am a singer i notice i am sitted next to reggae singers from around the world in the holding area before we take to the stage...
It is a small room made of glass we can see outside and the crowd and shining color lights make it look beautiful outside...
I have not been hearing what people were talking abouy but suddenly i hear the announcer say if you do not like the government move to left side and opposition right side.

It happens without chaos and seamlessly its all our holding room i notice chaka demus is seated next to me amongst other people he has a laptop and he starts playing a song called special request one of the songs pliers his partner is not voicing.

I love the song and 15secs in i shout puuull up he continues singing along and i am showing him even circles signs with my hand and he doesn't rewind from the start about 30 secs in he shows me his ✋🖐👋✋🖐👋 that sign that show stop or no it cannot...i am shocked because a laptoo should restart very easily...i ask my self or is his laptop playing casettes?

Just As we are arguing with my brain i wake up and its 7:30 Sunday morning and my phone is playing Chaka demus special request and i automatically know the song is on min 2:40 secs simply in sync with my dream  .
Everything seems true for a dream except th place the dream plays tricks on me that the song cannot rewind....
Why because in truth it would not have which is the second truth of a laptop in my dream could not rewind a song in my iphone.

And i start asking myself i am dreaming but the brain is actually saying untrue stories of a December rally but accepts to deny me rewinding a song in my fone which is trully possible.
And that has me thinking is a dream a a computer possible idea or a game in future or past....relating ideas and wishes 
But has true limitations when you query a likely impossible outcome in a simulation of possible events.
Meaning the brain accepts to simulate ideas...but refuses to cheat if the out come would lead to a real life alteration.

Take a dream with owning a car 🚗 having money 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳 or falling in a pit hole we always rise before the end of the dreams because the dream looks like it would have led to parking he car home or using the money on things u actually do not have...or dying when you hit the bottom of the pit.

I makes sense when they say if a dream ends you die...because the end always leads to a demanding real life alteration....and would actually would cheat the system and people around we....

I feel people should stop saying just dream it...and rather just imagine it...
Because the brain has its on brain....

I also feel a dream is  the percect world 🌏🌍 wr always wish for or belive also proves existence of super humans.... Like God and satan angels and demons heaven and hell...

Truly dreams have actual life events but simulated in perfect conditions...

Having material things ability to travel 🏠🚘✈🚢🗼🌉✈ own property  have flying powers even without having wings.

The true meaning of dreams is a conflict of desires possibilities and true outcomes with intervention of super beings controlling our brain....the powers of positivity headed by God and angels and of rather death or evil 😈👹 headed by satan....

What have you ever dreamt...i translate dreams ☺✨☺✨ when they feel like have a meaning and not just fantasy dreamz.... Lets have a conversation... Because alien 👽👽 God evil heaven and hell exist just that we do not know how to reach them easily.

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