No more books,talk to and with people

Always read books...any books school books church books religion books..novels..maps..
familiar from all life coaches right? .... well i am their angel of doom

What have we gained from reading inspirational books?
A bunch of people filled with ego and self fullness.But is that what makes a man useful in the society and keep him or her motivated?

How come old generation and ancestors had a better running system where there were no beggars and parent-less children?
Yet they did not have any books but only passed over information through word of mouth.
        Hmm ..tell you what we have filled ourselves with books slavery and it does not work for people like we...Africans. we stopped educating each other and nursing our children but only with tv and books and packed baby milk.

Africa is not a system that can work with books.that is why we are corrupt because we read RICH DAD POOR DAD and end up thinking its about you and care for the next man.
Everyone has a copy of a book that is written to motivate them to sell and buy morals in exchange for money.

the only way multinationals exist and survive is by ignoring raw material producers by paying them least or nothing and selling products that have less or no life so that you are back to the market again.. But in a real African setting nothing was made to last one generation even a walking stick a chair a shoe or even food.

More books make people thing they are self reliant and have all the information they need.Yet the most successful people are networking And PR and relationships managers.

Which means our people are in confusion and lost in themselves thing they are going up and i see they are heading down.

while you are reading the others are researching and corrupting your history.

How come the most successful and respected people are singers ,musicians,footballers,actors and anyother talents unlike politicians wicked businessmen and historians.

ask yourself a true dependent person is a businessman ...whom aslo happen to read more books of cunning the customers and designing systems that mislead buyers.
people with talent depend on other people to support and admire their work trying to relate daily life to actual stories of the past or the future...

a movie is just a repetion of a story...of soemting that keeps happening
a song is a retelling of same old stories in a different style and delivery. Why
because that is all that matters to man..
new tvs
new smartfones
new cars
new planes
going to the moon
rocket ccince

man feeds on stories passed to them in music drama or mouth to mouth...
that is why we say the dead go with their knowledge wealth and stories to the grave.

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