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Who Am I,Worlds Mistake?

RENAGA - Turn Di Place Up (Official HD Video)

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REnaga You think you know alot in hip hop music?
Tell you what if you answered yes you are correct because you really do.but get the impression right RENAGA  has nothing to do with hiphop.or maybe just a little.but these boy group that has never been formed is about dancehall.

RENAGA is REal NAirobi GAngster.

Yes you heard that right ,this is your nightmare. These cult do work at night.These group does operate in Nairobi,but realy are they these serious or that much deep?
break it down already girls,because i also am not sure what is it with them but am gonna tell you what is know .

They are my age but younger in studio than i have been.The three Main vocalist rappers have a historu thatneither the goverment knows nor even themselves talk about.
But the guns came blazing one saturday evening when we first met.I had just finished voicing my song PRETTY STRONG WOMAN and it was their turn.

When the riddim started rolling the tall one went in first and what we had was not for these page to disclose they should put it in a biography.

THESE BOYS have lyrics about life in the streets police and chicken feet.when he rapped 2 minutes in he started talking of things that sounded like raid or executed murder of people that do not exist.
he went so deep like taken in a filed dealing with a past of unfinished business and was creatong a visual picture or an argument with someone and guns pointing out on the foreheads of both of them.

well i am no witness of not one i think it was just a good musical execution and what i am sure per say they do murder people,
in the studio with lyrics. let them tell their story but these one you can take to the records or your radio and tv and listen decide.


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Biography of ecspedition {part}

Biography of Ecspedition found at,
Ecspedition is Kenyan, born [1988,December 18th) Ezekiel Mwangi Karanja,
in the village of Bahati Nakuru county.The name ecspedition comes from expedition
which he gave himself with the intention of talking about his journies of adventure
in life reflected in the music that he was writing.Earlier his friends had named
him KJ ,later kJien Lorenzo a character in the merchant of venice love and poetry
set book in kenyan syllabus.

I-Angel - M-Pesa Shop (Official Music Video)

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     I am an artist by draw depth my music mileage and everything else that identifies ,a vocalist.
What really amaze me is my interaction and the circumstances that i meet people of interest.

    So I Angel is a hypemasters artist older than me and older than i have been with hypemasters ent.
If you like call him rasta he will respond,Hype CEO calls him DUTHI BADMAN ,ofcourse another nickname of his ABusual releases.

How to Find any Song Not even in Google

I know we all, or most of us has a song  have never heard again or do not even know the name since you were either  young in ,a hurry or heard it on radio.
Well ,for those of us who believe are most advanced go to GOOGLE  and just type it down but can or cannot find it...take these scenario..
search for a song...
find it on Google or any other  browser .....
maybe its even on YOUTUBE .....

LOVE A MODEL - DONTEH (Official Music Video)

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Call him a first of Djahypes inner circle and the dancehall originals at hype before thery even heard reggae versions of whom i claim to bring.
He has his throne cut out and is not oin a box of lyrics.
He is that one man who will call out P**** in his lyrics and Ganja in the stage show.

Lyrics for Who am I,Worlds mistake Translated CHINESE,GERMAN,FRENCH,HINDU AND PORTUGUESE


[They Sleep in the Cold,they are Lonely,they Knock on car windows asking for a dollar,they sometimes only have water as a meal ,maybe glue they stick to their mouths to survive,Some are clean and do not have a chance,The Orphans of the world need our attention,I have been there...and i Sang these song as GOD almighty Allah ,Jah King ordered and directed me...this is for the children who have no chance in ,childrens homes,the streets and homeless ..out in the cold of nature and us humans...AND it is a chance for all of us to be PART of something an ORPHAN My Main SPonsors were EDUMED and ISCHED and now surrounded by people who care about children my Friend JOHN Data masters funds a children's home,,Dr Solomon Funds ISCHED school for Bright needy children,DR Charles Heads EDUMED fund for poor children ..M…

A day in a Vocalists life,

Its dawn again,and i am gonna have a late session tonight since its Saturday .I hate that these only happens on one day in a week,while i wish i could get it become my habitation or cocoon ,just me stuck in that place.

(support or reach the artist  )

But more than anything else i cannot bear the other most discouraging thought ,it takes money to keep studio time running.
Today than any other,  i have been dreaming about it longest and vividly of all past time,  because i have all my lyrics right and the track is really one of those i really wanna voiceand get official record.Since all my legends have a song in there, if fate is fair and true, i might share a stage with them and we shall sing back to back.
Or maybe these, will make me get discovered by a big producer or a record Label and my all musical life changes.


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