Monday, 4 December 2017

I-Angel - M-Pesa Shop (Official Music Video)

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     I am an artist by draw depth my music mileage and everything else that identifies ,a vocalist.
What really amaze me is my interaction and the circumstances that i meet people of interest.

    So I Angel is a hypemasters artist older than me and older than i have been with hypemasters ent.
If you like call him rasta he will respond,Hype CEO calls him DUTHI BADMAN ,ofcourse another nickname of his ABusual releases.

  I angel is those artists that call on meditation in everything not forgetting he wears taban,'kilemba' we have not still found out which one it is.
He is in that cult that pour strong messages even to strangers and will not hesitate to sing if that will lure or bring his words to your attention.

   When he gets to the booth,'really not a both,the whole studio is a booth' he will spit things non stop and crosses even the riddim time limits ,so the producer has rather had time cutting short his lyrics unlike of those that do not produce anything.

His flow always refers to a past of memories and lack in providence.of a ghetto no one has been to
even though you can tell the realness in his message,only proving is not from those rich mans gates.

he is the hope of studio livity because when he is around there is life and he does not sit quiet on the bench ,he loves being in the action house .This reminds me it could be the reason he is the producers favourite.

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