Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Dub stories and sessions with ecspedition

the body,the soul and bliss of dub music.
If someone told you  COME HERE ! (police mans commanding tone)
 You would probably run away or most likely get so frightened 
and start running your thoughts around what would you
 possibly have done wrong.
 But what if you heard COULD YOU PLEEEEASE COME HEEERE! you
 surely get weak and get that heart of helping hand or just checking 
on what is happening.
These is the hidden secret behind reggae music so 
called dub.it is music that reveals you to yourself 
its is so soothing you actually come into it 
when it plays into you.
The principle of making beautiful music is actually
 letting the listener express themselves and being
 able to say aloud feelings and thoughts,in a way that as an artists or 
musician  the listener does not feel or hear them sound like
 its your personal story. These is  the reason in 
reggae an actual musician takes a break and
 goes into dub music because these is the peak 
of inspiration these is when you smoke and watch the
 puff of smoke float away in the wind like and because it talks 
and sooths you. welcome to my dubplate sessions.

Dub music gives you a chance to say it yourself nice and easy slow
 and mellow.
these is the rock of rockstars the rock in reggae it is the shouting and 
screaming but only quietly .
thats confusing but there are no exact words that say what i mean.

12 Love in my Heart (dubstories)
14 Jah is Real (DubStories)
Not War prayer dubplate
Keep telling me wait (dubplate)
President Mandela LIVE Cover

70s 80s and 90s Musicians of dub were very vocal of public expressions unlike what they really had were and would like to be and these is what it should always be about in dub music.
 when a musician goes into dub mode it is the start of healing and re inspiration rather than actually making music. 
you can find such online stories called downtown dub stories ,the chinese laundry,ear traffic control shashamane african shaka zulu warrior and so many including live sessions of lee scratch perry.

i would like you to come join me into my 
SNEAK IN FOR A PEEP INTO BLISS sessions through the link above
 and youtube coming up next.

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