This is so Wrong,What we are Doing.

This is so wrong,what we are doing.

How can be be so blind for so long,always doing things to surround the little of mean and smallest of important things.

“Gals de follow,” me and my money” feeling good”living my best life”minding my own business “ ,look at our lives all surrounded by things that are more vanity than vanity.

 What happened to holy things,more than me,bigger than us,important for everyone,this is my legacy”a place for others to refuge,

Why is everything that was of God ,gods and holy for all become too traditional and tiresome...why can’t we ,will to go an extra mile ,reward the hardest working because smart is too easy...why cant we mind everyone's business because if they cant buy we cant sell...why cant we literally see things literal while it looks so easy to do the hardest things and the vice.

Why do we love living forever than leaving others feel us forever. This is too easy the ones who come from no where by any means by anyone become the sayers and the ones who actually qualify are deemed too common and get no chance.

all about Girls
Why are we forgetting to support those course for all and prefer to turn and look the other way.
This is too wrong it is not right what we are doing.
Remember those faulty people who are bad to protect everyone... remember those selfish people who do it to protect what is right...remember why we used to get angry for not getting respect for amount of care put in... we need to look at the money and girls factor it makes the taboo become legal and expensive not important...they make holy become too boring and wild be the life,they make darkness for night life and instead we do not watch the stars anymore....there is a problem with what is acceptable to women and be bought...this is the barrier to loving greater than one...forgetting the culture and doing it for self...forgetting the gods doing it for lords.

This is wrong what we are doing,it should not be allowed to go on .

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