How Microsoft Windows 10 is Hacking your Data Daily.

 Have you heard that many people are finding things they were talking about or friends appear as advertisements? Well this is true MICROSOFT has been COLLECTING your PC data AND all PC DIAGNOSTICS including PC HISTORY AND ALL BROWSER SETTINGS SEARCH AND CACHE PASSWORDS.

So you got that worry that your data is being stolen by hackers and governments Chinese hackers and many others you do not know.understand that this is microsoft using your PC camera and MIC to listen and record.They also use your laptop location data from the internet service provider and make it public to online marketers.

You need to know that ,No,No hacker is interested with peasants, no government cares about no one with nothing,The people who have been selling your data all along is MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10.
and all the previous.

These realization is not possible for people with unmetered internet connection or non bundle packages,this is because the unlimited internet connection wifi and other free internet spots do not tell you how much your pc is UPLOADING data to microsoft.

The only poeple who can grasp the theft is those who always use home metered internet or bundles and packages ,becasue the can sense how fast their data is being uploaded.The other reason many people never realize it is because ,when you PC is uploading data it hardly interferes with your download traffic,neither PC speed this is why it is hard to notice lost network or background activity.

Yes the do it through all the shots that i will expose up next .
I recommend you go to windows Logo home Type WINDOWS UPDATES>OPEN>PRIVACY SETTINGS and turn of all the show screenshots edits below.

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