What is Life ?

Fulfillment in denial is sadness and sacrifice in minimalism is happiness .

They say everything about self fulfilment and accomplishment is ment to bring self actualization is CHASING AFTER THE WIND

Reverse engineering and self reflection is a hard thing for a hand to mouth person or a very wise person.
Being in the middle is the true fashion.

I have fought what would be living in poverty to look wealthy and i have found myself fighting wealth to look like i am lacking.

A science of life has brought my realization that i have trained to live with a minimalist to make things work with what is available and now again having to work for someone of a big thinker wanting to do things only bigger and cant deal when or with what is already available.

I have also learnt the hard-way of someone selling what is not even there for those who love it that way,and the simplicity of someone not wanting to accept what is there then for those who would rather have illusion of it being there.

Its like wanting to walk to the end of the earth on a global world.. while others want a flat earth on a global evidence.

This is the same idea of an imaginary well paying job for those who work harder in reality and an actual big earning for those who do least  ,but only to realize it actually works that way in a real world and the reverse is true in theory.

I realize that my own happiness is determined by how much I sacrifice to make others happy and my own sadness is when i do things selfshly only for myself to feel happy.

I realize that this is why comedians die of loneliness sadness and depression and fools live a happy life for living from hand to mouth and appreciation of living like a wind.

I realize wealthy people do not measure wealth by actually what one has but rather what others do not have and and that poor people actually celebrate their wealth by what others have.

I have also noticed some people love being with wealthy stingy people and despise being with generous poor ones.

I also feel people have more value in optimism which is better future which is unknown than pessimistic ideas which is better now which is known .i see that is why religion of a golden heaven is more greater for poor lazy people and yet the rich prefer to  a great now even if its by corruption or stealing.
In truth rich people preach optimism and live pessimistic and the poor preach pessimism but live optimistic.

I have also seen that people love to be appreciated in lies than to be corrected for greater glory.
Thiefs plan to steal successfully and righteous fail successfully to plan

I have learned that people are angry and rude about your achievements and good deeds and glorify and mystify failure with appreciation 

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