How We Live Beyond 120 yrs Max [Guide to longer Life]
The Following is my Guide to slowing down the aging process and increasing life experiences in happiness , being 72yrs old Brain and 30yrs  old Body ,This is How we live Beyond 120 yrs Max
.....they say wealthy people live 9yrs longer than poor,But what they never tell you people who practise the following kind of tactics live the longest,...

Each of the number i used on the introduction

is significant with nature design. 72,30,120

That kind or amount of qualification cannot be achieved by being all military or all one career,its not by courage or braveness neither street wise or business pro..there is much more to life than being one best at or perfection and specialization.

For you to live more than 120yrs while still 30 or max 50 you have to have ventures and studies life better than just school and practice in employment only.

The basics of living beyond your life limit should be everyone's desire and persuasion.The almighty and of nature has denied man the only single thing that can make all sense and mankind lazy and dangerous.. immortality... so for us to enjoy life to maximum .

The biggest secret is in living among-st people and curving your own path no matter how privileged or lost you cannot...the goal is not to be successful but for yourself to die honorably to self.

Its not about looking the place not the part but knowing you have always tried your best in all circumstances no matter the start nor the end.

Its about being in all places you are required to and not when you are not or not feeling like. Its about knowing that not everything and everyone needs your time or attention.

Its about learning that not all opportunities are for taking and that there are ones worth taking just for revenge or fixing in the lesson worthful manner.

Its about knowing when to beg for things you do not need to make others feel important and rejecting things you need to make a point of your value integrity and satisfy your ego.

Its about learning to be youth when with the youth and old when they need to learn some well being old with the old when they need companion and young with old when they need to experience past worthwhile.

Its about learning experiences that surround your life and learning feelings of people who are not about nothing everywhere and for everyone so that to appear just like anyone from nowhere.

It my kikuyu tradition they say man is of two days(direct translation) the day of birth and the day of death...all the happiness we do to ourselves is celebrating the day of birth and all the happiness we bring to others is a celebration for the day our death.

All the other things in between our happiness to us and others is what we call LESSONS and all the things we never get to be or have is called experiencing.

There is no sense in keeping to ourselves not in knowledge not in possession...for when you come its all alone with nothing and leave all alone with nothing...

Its about being spiritual to things that matter and spirituality to things you do not understand...its about knowing the value of life and taking a life to preserve another.

Its about knowing what is mighty for everyone and invaluable to those you do not know...its about knowing when to pray to your God and not praying for knowing that life belongs to whoever who gives it for it is always already PLANNED.

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