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A lot of Water Makes you Unhealthy and Live Shorter Life.

A lot of water makes you unhealthy and live shorter life.

Water is life,water gives life and water is all glory after God. It is the most abundant product in nature on ground under and in air.
Water is claimed to be the carrier of life .water is electricity and air even the ground you walk without the minimum water it is dust.

But what science has not told you is that water is killing you,water keeps you from healing quickly and water makes you fat.

Yes water is the holy evil that you have fought all your life to no avail,because you thot you cannot do without it.
Many people think they are fat and large ,some go to the gym and exercise but they never realise,that you overwork your body the energy of far in the body is converted into water as sweat,salt and heat. Yes 90percent of what the body converts outside becomes water...

Now you need to throw that bottle that you are carrying around like its class it is killing you.. while they tell you get moisturised ,rejuvenated and cool you are injecting your body with new good bacteria ,unfortunately the same ones that make your body softer for attacks and weaker for disease.

The body and any other item plant lasts longer whet its dried dry... the lesser the water in your body the stronger the tissue.

Its true at certain intervals you need water but,its better to have any other drink unlike pure water.. 
The other main disadvantage if water is that it makes your blood too dilute.. the blood hardly changes its composition but it can increase in volume or decrease.. a fat big person and a thing small person have an equal concentration if blood cells ,a reason why blood can be shared.. but the difference is the amount in litres.

Now white blood cells in one single pint is directly related to how good your body heals. If your body has less white blood cells and you are injured this is the first reason that you notice certain people healing much slower... it is important to increase oxygen in the blood and decrease water.. thus improving cell concentration and attack if foreign attacks.

I have pure evidence that athletes ...performing musicians. Farmers and other tough working conditions kind if people have better chance of being well and living long if they can reduce water intake... a very hard juxtaposition.

My grandfather whom i lived with for sometime i can count all the times i saw him drink water.. yet he enjoyed Ll the meat he loved ,sugar fats ,and any kind if food your doctor says it is unhealthy for you. The truth is the blood cannot accept more sugar or fats for less water.. if you maintain amount of levels of water in the blood it does nit matter what you eat the blood stays concentrated enough and refuses more salt sugar and fats.

Its common sense  for people to question how normads survive or the people of the deserts with so much little water... but people also forget ...that for the lesser you eat the lesser water you require water is a corrosive agent high catalyst of digestion and good host of bacteria ...

These is why your body ask for more water between meals ... the body only demands extra water when you sweat.. or when you have more meals.

I can help many people live long and heal faster inly if they can accept to reduce the amount of water taken.
Take tea take soda take a wine maybe. Beer but avoid whole pure water...water is killing everything more that GAS FUEL FIRE AND FOOD COMBINED..
Ask the birds and goats and sheep.

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