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Secret to Staying Young and Optimistic [Modesty vs Celebretory attitude]

Modesty vs celebrity 
Secrets to remaining young and energetic 
Why some people remain young while old while others look older when not very old.

The secret is been here all along... whenever you 
How to keep skin moist and smooth naturally 
The simplest way to stay young without gym
Stop gymnastics get your body healthy for doing something you have always tried and were told not to do it,these same idea is modest in terms of how much you invest.
Why stressed people die young,and it is the reason doctors get sick as they get older.

The secret is in the same thing  football or sports fans do when their team wins.Or how women screaming in a club,Or how women scream when they win or get a gift,that when given to a man looks small and minimal but women [exaggerate by they style of appreciation.]

It is important to state that,modesty words do not even make others feel good leave alone self,so stop saying that was good,rather use that was GREAT,instead of you did well,DO THAT Always,there are enough attitude exaggeration words that make people and self feel great,not just GOOD.
Whenever you do something good AND  you celebrate your brain generates a fluid on brain cells stamping that that was a great thing to do.Records that and start making happy mood whenever you repeat the event... 
while you might never know this is why its easy to do habits that only seem good to you... like smoking, drinking, masturbating,chasing on a skirt that gives you a hard time..or of course for girls trying their hand on someone taken[being modest here in my statements] ... these habits tell the brain its a good thing depending on how you respond when you do it.
ENjoy Laugh celebrate it is all you need to stay young not the gym ,water or all those vanities.

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