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Predictions and Savings against Shuffling System

giving each equal chance
We tier know the future Yet create SHUFFLE as means to fairness or honesty.

SHUFFLING is a man creation for perfect uncertainty.It is not vagueness of not wanting to know ,but an expression of love for random results.
Whether in music playlist or voting,whether betting or pooling ...shuffling makes everyone feel like they had a fair and equal chance..

synonymous with good outcome
Shuffling is tied to creating equal and valid chances ,which is a funny desire by mankind that,An honest or fair chance is possible through unclear maybe unforeseen or the unknown outcome.

So why has man invested heavily in predictions? This is a theory that has proved to me that man loves confirming they were correct or they were wrong...only when they had made an earlier decision for a future process.

In simplified language, predictions or desire to know a future is not led by our curiosity to be right ,correct or not and be in preparedness ,but rather as a check and balance of our cognitive part of our brain that assumes taking risk dependent on an outcome which whether good or bad favours presumptions by others unto ourselves to be assumed intelligent.

That is also to mean , we are correct if we predict and action to such ideas on a future , when results favour us by our words .eg “i knew it,it would go wrong “ or the obvious...”i had a good feeling it would go well”.

creating uncertainity.

measure of honesty
It is clear that our true conscious and sixth sense can only be achieved when we are non partisan or honest in expecting what is to be,come to be.

It is true also that if you told a man they would die a certain date ,that they possibly will alter their true natural behavior to favour their view by others ,maximize their opportunity,reduce risks or equally take the greatest risks.

So in truth knowing future is not important if we have not invested to it..
keep shuffling not predicting

This is the principle that politicians hate even without knowing it.

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