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Pessimistic People more Valuable and have Better Ladders to Success [the Actual Meaning of Optimistic and Pessimistic People]

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Pessimistic people more Valuable and have better ladders to success...
[the Actual Meaning of Optimistic and Pessimistic People]
there is a divergent created by business community and employers or rich peopl,they have a notion that if a word suits a worker it is mean for the employer and if the opposite reverse of the vague truth [a word does not suit behavior of bosses or employers its meant for employees or workers]

Whenever popular people or motivation speakers ,politicians and business minded talk or give speeches they like to talk in terms of
in retro and reverse

They tell OF how much things are bad ,have been bad but will always turn out better... and that is where they always end up conning or being con people.

If you believe in pyramid schemes you are a victim of optimism...if you look keenly on government works you are optimistic...

If you compare things today and future you are optimistic...if you prefer paying more later same case.
There are many values which can define and easily tell optimistic...kind of people.. their behavior are very easy to spot impatient,never carry loose money or even any cash money...prefer to buy in small quantities or only when it is required ...even when they are sure of demand...

How to tell pessimistic people or their behavior and characters...they do all work they can while at it..they hate pile up...prefer paying now,always have cash money by or near... patient...prepare more than being there ...these kind of people believe things will or might be worse than in future so they prefer a better way now...unlike optimism behavior where those kind of people believe and hope things get better....

The only people who can help you in any situation is pessimistic somehow because when things get harder they wont be Round or just for finish and clean up purpose.Pessimism is better in creating networks and  empowering people. Not good for business where that applies.

Ability to stock more connect more encourage more and empower or rehearse more is proof of actually better ways but its the act of being pessimistic that proves you are optimistic...

It is therefore true and correct that pessimistic people are actually the optimistic ones and reverse applies...

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