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How does Resurrection Work to a Body Buried and Rotten [Science of wrapping mummifying dead bodies]

How does resurrection work to a body buried and rotten.
ecspedition [dead mummified bodies]

The one main thing keeping christians alive is hope that they will raise from dead like jesus.

But lets put it down clear if you buried jesus in soil like we do to all christians how are they suppose to raise after millions of degradation...  
this whole thing about New Testament and living again is written and designed. Jesus was wrapped in materials cloth and locked in a clean tomb put in a stone safely and locked inside so that even hyenas would not eat the body.

But in the old we see alot of people statements that he was “buried there” the only other people who continued to practice body preservation was  Egyptians... why they must have known about jesus...It is possible they learned from the scrolls of Israelites .

The biggest problem is not death buried or live the problem is the process... which is the best method to preserve a body for resurrection? It sure cannot be buried and burning,nit cremation not throwing away.... 
If something is not preserved it cannot be reused again...

When Jesus was praying and saw moses what did he see,what did Elisha go in heaven as what about Lazurus, All these four people went to heaven with their bodies.

In truth what never dies is the spirit,what is hard to accept is that if God can raise life he sure can make new bodies but i do not see how there will be RESURRECTION as long as we have cremated buried to rot and threw away bodies those will never be resurrected.

Stop giving people false hope that they will fly on air to meet jesus their bodies will be long rotten and anyway they are too heavy to fly... the birds and the spirit are the only thing that fly.
The only truth is that the spirit never dies but rather is reborn everytime a child is born... the same spirits that were there from first ,keep getting reborn.

If not it lives in the wind

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