1...2...3...Twende! [ All Together at Once ]


All together at once... where is the spirit of oneNNESS ☝🏿.
We should  remember to call on to the power of oneness. I happen to  roam around and be among the people who make the small things happen.

And one of the weakness of the weakest links i have found out is in people who try move or do things together. Without leadership and call of  unity, people do not act react uniformly together.

People hate each others egos ,while it is also a proof of why people need leadership. I find it very foreign to not love speak the language that applies when we need each other the most.
Just imagine a lady in hospital or home without help when in delivery ,where or how would that
scene be,it sometimes seems normal when some Africans give birth in the wild but they always have a mid-wife .just like a hospital care where the nurse helps by words of discouragement and the same way encouragement all people need is good push and direction of purpose to achieve goals together.

I love being where people are pulling or pushing equipment machines or heavy stuff like a stalled vehicle .But i listen i find it very strange how people just keep quiet to each other yet they are trying to do the same thing..

Harambee was a good idea but its an idea of foreign queen... i so happen to entertain and encourage the use of 123 twende or all together at once... it does have more than MAGIC ,MORE THAN TOGETHER its a magic miraculous phrase..


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