Broke Chains on your Feet and Hands they Put them on Your NECK..Crucifix
Slave Chains on your Neck
Strangling People With Jesus Chains on their Neck
Oh my people,Why did you sleep just after waking,how long will you be in chains ,,how long as slaves ,how long as minors in your own cities.
You fought so hard so that they could remove the chains on your feet and hands as slaves...then your children, oh yee great ancestors, sat to enjoy the freedom ..only to find the chains again on their neck,and they do not wanna hear nor listen to the words of the prophets.

 Look how long you been forcing and fighting,mourning and groaning too much weeping,what did became from all these fighting,nothing but sorrows and cant wipe your tears.Tell me what is these thing all about,kneeling and crying unto holy mary on handcuffs yet mount zion has no one kneeling on for God.Why does so much wicked things come from your mouth,Hear us oh virgin mary,who already gave birth.Tell me what made you choose the long wrong road.

Why is it when you year the words of prophets you feel shy,you ignore the their actions and you doing it still years after they have been shot down and killed.These is the time again to let not satan control our will.'fathers rape sons,Nuns rape daughters,read about it in their holy newspapers,and you hate me when i say your black God is calling.

Its time we all exterminate them,light up their heads make the fire start blaze,burn the wicked sodomy rome system strangling our own,black people we cant wait anymore,its time we ask the questions how long and since when we sat and got served .Babylon queendom needs to fall,satan has to leave early our back yards packing,Vatican has to be burnt with their wicked doctrines,we rise light and put them in incinerators light up our own worlds with black power,they cant hold our movements to God with holy water,lets make sure we see evilness get altered while we are leaving and start living.

We were to match to zion our own homes on the slopes of our all mountains which never have tsunami or wild fires,We have been called but we are too lazy but rather be kept on their handcuffs...they laugh drink and wine ,,while they peep on their windows as you pray of the crucifix of fake jesus on their white big churches...while in the back chapel they are having orgasms  inside small young boys and then come serve you the sweet wine and sacrament with their sodomizing hands.

Oh yee,when shall be yourself,and stop follow bad company it repatriate or emancipate, which of it are you slaves of...When you were slaves you had a way,after you thought you are freed you lost your will,why does these happen just after making the agreements of shed blood...didnt your ancestors and the living dead spirits tell me you could make it rain,and make things come you cant even qualify for a shilling you worked for.

You have to remove those chains on your neck,they are strangling you and making your vision poor,they told you ,that you could be free,,but only if you leave them to their wicked world.but as long as you lodge in the dirty dom cannot emancipate your brain addiction of being fed,,with just what your need.


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