The Science of Moons Atmosheperic Gravity and Water Availability.

Have you ever Heard the saying that when the moon is up the tide is high.
If yes ,then you are almost a science genius Just not well trained.It will be also possible that you understand the women menstruation occurs with moons periods,thats where the cycle and the name comes from.

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The Moon is a very big deal to everything that happens on earth.Gravity is the energy of pull or push to or against a planet.Gravity on Earth is a creation of the magnetic fields of the Earths Core and The moons.To make it easy for common man sense ,the Moon is a Negative and the Earth is a Positive,that way the moon becomes a South pole and the Earth a North Pole .

It is also of great Importance for us to understand that the on the poles of any planet the weather becomes more extreme and and colder.All the planets that obey the law of nature that have a moon have  a possibility of Water or fluid material.Distance of Planets relative to the Sun also affect the retention of Moons thereby attracting Gravity leading to availability of Water Ice gases or fluids.

The Natural  route for any Planet having a moons makes it possible to have or sustain life.
The Planets and moons
Mercury = 0 Moons =Atmosphere Hot Jel
Venus = 0 Moons = Atmosphere Hot Hot
Earth = 1 Moon =Atmosphere perfect for life
Mars = 2 Moons = Atmosphere relative hot Cold on poles
Jupiter = 79 Moons =Atmosphere Cold Gas
Saturn = 62 moons = Atmosphere Mood Swings Hot Cold
Uranus =27 = Atmosphere Cold Ice
Neptune = 14 = Atmosphere Cold Stone
Pluto = 5 = Atmosphere Stone Cold ice

Planets And The Moons
 Earth moon
 Jupiter Moon
 Jupiter moon
 Neptune moons
 Neptune moons
 Plutos Moons
Plutos Moons
 Saturns Moon
 Saturns Moon

Uranus Moons
Uranus Moons

Mars Moon

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