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I as Ecspedition Consider these the best post and work of my  research.I also wish to state that reblogs and statements from these post must have my contacts or address appear respectively.
a haPPY SEX.
Questions all Men Never Ask.
Answers Most Women have never heard. }

Many Sexologists and anyone who thinks its about psychology to make any Sex or love making sessions enjoyable is mostly wrong.

Love making is different vibration from what Buju Banton talks about in Love Sponge 🧽.
That song is mostly levicated to people who enjoy quickies or are in business of sex for just keeping stress of days a bay.
Words in context that is a a song glorifying cheaters, period.

We all or Many agree that ,the believe is women love “bad boys” . But actually ,and what women never say is that , what about bad boys is it that they “cannot explain” or help themselves from ?

Now we have answers after putting up questionnaires to a sample of the ‘love sponge ‘ arguably the sex professionals.... Sampler team also included consisting of house wives who are referred to as unsatisfied.. and young In-experienced ladies who think bad boys are good in bed.
Oh yes our last sample was the sugar daddies specifically the ones who claimed to be pros in women satisfaction.

This was  the hardest questionnaire, research because many are not at ease of talking sex . It is common knowledge that,quite considerable number of people would rather hear or eavesdrop in conversations of how to have good sex or long love 💖making sessions.

Our questionnaires were like these
.: to SEX PROFESSIONALS who are ladies WE ASKED!
SP: How to satisfy a man quick? 
To them the common answer was to make a paying man cum quick...or to calm and give them a short soothing session.

The sample of them Who were men sex workers ? Answered
Most women who pay for sex come for and demand long sessions and average brutal or what we call ‘ give to me’ time.

For those men who were considered sugar daddies,answered 
Most preyed women were young so the trick was confusing them with promises and making them belly full and little cash 💵change.

For those women who said it was ‘bad boys’ ,answered that ,
Claimed that some of those men were just wacky quacks ,but those who actually became gigolos had amazing body tricks that women could not explain.
Part of those rituals they experienced is said that were involving the things that would be referred to as ‘bad ‘ or naughty common people but that was the only science that seemed to be the reasons behind Tags .

One of those tricks is the ability for the badboys to stimulate women through tit loving 🥰and attention yes..careful good attention of suckling and nipple touch. 
The only other magic they claimed as a skill behind the bad boys was ability to find the clit quick and stimulate it in rhythm. Just like a 3 course meal 🥘.
The unison of agreement was that bad boys had ability to satisfy the women quick and actually make them cum.

To the Men who called themselves “bad boys answered :
Most of the tricks referred above were true and had less or words of  agreements. Although some did not even know or have a clue that,that is what it really or actually required of.

To the women who were tagged “ as house wives” answered,
The most reasons of their sexual non satisfaction was  that their men cum too fast and that they hardly payed attention to their bodies .
These sample of women were in need of long sex or love making sessions and their reasons and requirements also had agreement with women who were unmarried or had no marital partners.

Cracking the CoConut 🥥 

The secret to men giving LONG LOVE MAKING SESSIONS WERE: That the man was able to hold his ‘hard on’ for more than 30 minutes minimum...or was able to control his cum in succession,or his climax just after giving the woman considerable good time.

The applicable possible methods were found to be,
  1.    Making a man cum before actual act                  
         of sex.
  2.   Making a man to have Sex before he     
         went to pee or to take a ‘leak’ .
  3.   Having an experienced man who 
         could cum in succession .
  4.   Making a man have breaks just 
         before he was over stimulated.
  5.   Making a man cum outside the 
         vagina early to    
         make him unsatisfied...and      
         consecutively having a 
         small break ...this popularly claimed 
         method by married and sex 
          experienced women , house wives   
         and men  who 
         are “good in bed “ 🛌.
  1. Last and not least plausible method was letting a man have an evening sex and hence a morning glory would always make the woman satisfied...
  2. The professional sex women also agreed that evening sex was for husbands and men... morning sex was great for women. Day sex was good for young girls and women who did not want ties..weekend sex was great for lovers and working class
  3. I hope you have help,i hope you will try and comeback tell us yes it is true.
  4. If you read and know it is real and true please support us.

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