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There is a Snake 🐍 in Your Daughters Mouth

There is a Snake 🐍in your daughters Mouth

This is the second liberation....we say to divide a nation empower a woman and to educate a people teach a woman.. it is a spell of words and so many women would want to exit now but the truth hurts.

But if you look at the words they do not say teach or empower a man,so the only left teacher and empowerer is the man.

By all divide of life it is the men who lead and women follow.this is not to be confused that women have no abilities its just that those do not come easily. 
Infact women look at each other as equal they even ask what does she have i dont same tits and same butt same virgina.

This far we see that women are equal and a woman only needs love and providence...but for those of them that are very rare and impossibly hard to change is because by nature made them, that is way whites say they have men genes 🧬or testosterone .
If the people are corrupt its because a man is corrupt.if people are immoral its because a man is promiscuous.there is no place for men to claim women are evil yet the men are suppose to be lead.

In every circumstance you find a home well lead and  children with good health there is a man and a woman.if there is a country failing its because there are no men ,because men are lead and installed by God, but if on the way they start doing things of own interests and finding pleasures of life , then everyone is in disarray .
When a woman occupies a seat 💺to lead and them men feel aggrieved ...firstly them men need accept they failed.

The 🐍 
When fathers start seeing their friends daughters as sexy and sexual tools...and when mothers start to feel that their friends sons are sexy and desire and go ahead and lure them.
The men will not get satisfied and the women cannot get filled. Their problems start when the mothers do not wanna be moms anymore and feel they have never been so naked so great,before so they wanna exploit the chance.
The men hire women for sexual predation and women fire women for sexual favors just to take the place of that young lady getting attention from all the men.

This is poison in your mouths ...that is snakes which cannot be eliminated by poisoning the snakes while in your mouths.

The intelligent way is first removing the snakes .....then we wash the mouths and start cleaning the whole community.

Remember you cannot kill your daughter if she is bitten by a snake you rescue them and start medication and cleansing.

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