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Firstly it is embarrassing to keeping clearing the nose off mucus in meetings work places and schools .... it is a hazard all by itself , i mean clearing the nose affects whoever is blown to or in contact with you.

It is sad that cold affects people naturally and there is no cure up till today...

Yet it simply known that people with a cold prefer lazy sleeping or staying relaxed... but no one ever tells you the virus is dead when body sleeps and reactivates when wake up.
So  you ever noticed while you are weak with a cold and mucus production in the day time you are always healed at night.. and rhythm production starts over tomorrow soon as you hit the road.

Yes the virus only works if your senses send signals that you are awake.
So if you cheat the senses that you are asleep the cold and mucus production does not persist. That is immediately not a second late. This is the best medicine ever discovered that heals immediately.Without side effects , except you feeling a little sleepy.
So what you do is take a pill of pilliton or sleep medicine in the morning and you will never be sick or down with cold snd mucus.
Now what remains is eliminating the cough....this is hidden why?

The reason this is hidden by doctors and scientists is because if you stop mucus production and cough then their will be no affection to the people around. That means no sales no clinics. Which means eliminate the millions sick daily.
Which means other diseases that can be passed by air will not have a domino effect. Like TB AND millions of others

But now we have managed to cheat the body or say virus. How do you eliminate it coughing and the whole virus?
.. get 5-10 pcs of ginger 5 -10 cms long cleanse and peel sparingly because all you need to remove is a thin shinny crust that carries the dust or soul... chop into pieces. Add 5 litres of water boil  together with 5 pcs unpeeled lime or lemon.drink the bitter concoction a glass 🥃hourly or 2 twice day.. but I recommend drink as much as you can while HOT but also at you pace like enjoying  a beer or soda..while available because there is no side effects no limitations  and you enjoy your life... as God intended .SHOCKINGLY you can add sugar to taste and still works as New.
Only problem is making small ones drink the herbs.
All colds disappear within 2 days. Whether it is dry or productive cough.

These research us done by ecspedition with help from God and nature. After a long struggle with all major colds... malaria or people struggling to keep warm, HIV positive who would like to improve their un a weak... further unverified report seems like consistent intake of the ginger lime or lemon concoction could heal HIV- and eliminate aids disease...

The main fight is bringing back appetite,eliminate body sluggishness... eliminate extreme cold, reduce other infections ,control chemical intake eg drugs the anti retrovirus infection...
And the rest the body works its magic.

Many people have died for discovery or exposure ways of eliminating laboratory manufactured virus.but as long as you can enhance and share my research you shall have empowered the people.

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