God Smiles When you Make Money Business Secrets Holistically

Business Secrets
God Wants Each of Us to Be Obsessively Preoccupied with the Needs and Desires of His Other Children.
An Infinite God created us in His image with infinite imagination, potential, creative power, and desires
Humans Alone Possess the Ability to Transform Themselves
The Universe Was Created for Connection  Making Money Is a Spiritual Activity

Everything Important and Joyful You Have Achieved Has Been in Partnership with at Least One Other Person.
Focus on Other People’s Needs and Desires, and You Will Never, Ever Be Short of What You Yourself Desire and Need
Become a People Person.
We Love the People Whom We Help More Than We Love Those Who Help Us
Life Isn’t About What You Know—It’s About Who You Are
In Order to Achieve Success, We Must and Can Build Up Our Self-Discipline, Integrity, and Character Strength
Your Authentic Identity Requires Other People
Know How Business Works; Understand Specialization and Cooperation
Each and Every One of Us Is in Business and Should Act Like a Business Professional
Develop All Four Dimensions of Your Life Simultaneously
Earnings and Profits Are God’s Way of Rewarding Us for Forming Relationships with Others and Serving Them Faithfully and Effectively

Raise the Limits on Yourself and Others by Imposing Boundaries and Structures
The Importance of Service Is That You Cannot Lead If You Cannot Follow
Vision Is Necessary; Sharing That Vision Is Not Always Necessary
The Most Important Organ of Leadership Is Your Mouth
Change Is Scary
As Painful as Change Can Be, It Often Contains the Seeds of Growth
Because Change Is a Constant Reality, Life Is More Accurately Depicted by a Video Than a More that Things Change, the More We Must Depend Upon Those Things That Never Change
Press Forward Even When the Road Ahead Is Not Clear Do Not Let Your Fear Conquer You—Press On
Become Strongly, Even Radically, Open to New Directions, Soft Sounds, and Faint Footsteps
Use the Power of Words, Sentences, and Sound
Feeling Right About Money Makes You Act Right
You Can Best Attract That Which You Best Understand  You Must Know Your Money, Which You Must Be Able to Measure and Count Money Is Spiritual Don’t Live Beyond Your Means—Give Beyond Your Means
Giving Money Away Makes You Feel Wealthy How You Feel About Yourself Is How Others Will See You
Giving Money Away Automatically Connects Us with Other People
If There Is No Hebrew Word for Something, Then That Thing Does Not Exist Retirement Is Unhealthy
You Can Ruin Today by Planning Bad Things for Tomorrow
Retirement Tends to Isolate You

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