Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Many people question why many white people hardly return foreign after visiting africa leader of poor governance and poor world class infrastructure...because this is the dwelling of God ...this is their home... this is where they wanna be.

Many people have been mislead that God stays in the clouds yet no one ever seen God in the clouds... but it is true evidence Africans made it rain or natural calamities happen by calling on their God.
This is the shock that hit white explorers and that peace was within while people lived and tamed animals.

The start of exploration and and white man Discovery was to confirm the stories told by the first landers of what really happened in the continent of pure greatness.

The shock that hit the fake European kings and queens was that there was a place where the Ark of Covenant was hidden in Africa and that there was a reflection of harmony between the African God and evil.
There were consequences of Disobedience and rewards of life when man was in harmony with Ngai plans.
The truth of Rainmakers,miracle performers,Foreseers,future tellers and various magicinas healers medine men and witchcraft.
There is a narrative which stands distinguished by older men and trditionalists as true and hidden but still never reached the hearts of modern age africans.That there are 24 men who live by the holy mountain guarding the ark of the convenant.
Many versions of the same story are told some to divert truth and some from people who have no actual facts.
Facing MT Kenya is to be Continued...

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