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Why Do Africans Mistreat Their Workers and Blame White Colonial Rule

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It is not acceptable for Africans to mistreat fellow Africans and blame the colonial rule...
These is utter disregard of our heritage and traditions for communism and values of a society.

It is foolish to believe and learn Africans mistreat each other and bosses deny workers good care ,remuneration and justice, and want you to blame it on the white Shitstem.

The fact that forefathers went through suffering cannot prove how african leaders became greedy corrupt and cunningly wicked.

Our society is based on current system of me and my family...and what can i get maximumly out of anything social or government.

When God said lets create man in our own image did He mention image as physical spiritual or holistic? 
Which method best describes in our own IMAGE?
What aspect can we look at a combination of all beings that can show is IMAGE OF GOD JESUS AND HOLLYSPIRIT?

An image is a representation of an actual thing... these alone means an image is not acurate or exact representation of the original.

An image is something to give you a simple reference of how the actual thing MIGHT seem or look like.
With that knowledge or acceptance we see or realize that there is nothing like God on earth .He also did not make man off His actual material but rather made him from earth that had already been created... that means the body can not represent God since God made earth and made man from earth.

For that reason what happens to the body and what the body needs is factually perfect reference that God is not that way.

So what did Gods image become of after he made man.

The perfect explanation then we can conclude that it is THE TOUCH AND THE BREATH OF LIFE...
So what really consolidates God image in man is it the heart Mind or Life
All the things that are consisted of LIFE BRAIN AND TOUCH DO NOT BE OF WHAT MADE THEM... this what really is brain cannot be touched..what really is life cannot be touched ...and what really iS His Touch cannot be explained.

So the purity of God cannot be explained by the things that man is seen heard or does. God is not like man but man is like Gods image.

That we say when man mistreats a fellow man that is not inherited from God.
And when Man does good that is not representation of God.

God is what a man makes another man feel.

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