Who Are,THEY?

Who are, THEY?
[stories with and from grandpa part 2]

One day, of the many days we were with my grandfather Him seated on his #Giturwa or closely #Jungwa {Three legged African Elder Man Stool. Like a same one, Kenyatta took to August House]  ...was a special day sunny and strongly windy...

“Short history about him...
My grandfather is those hash extra strict and neat that even the police used to call him Bwana sheria. If that is not enough he is a man who would stock an yearly worth of food shopping that is a 50kg sack of maize beans sugar rice wheat and maize flour each.
He did not like being informed of lack but rather shortage because that would be hell...he would always ask ...why would you wait till it's finished do you think I am always carrying money to spend..? What if I am not around?
He is the kind of man who would employ people on his farm pay them their agreement and still give them a whole pack of cooking wood and foodstuffs from the farm or home-like eggs, milk or whatever.
He does not joke about nature and had trees planted all around the farm and his homestead such that from the sky you would think his farm us a forest or a green golf course...”
At such times it was a good time to dry and clean by sieving coffee nutshells.a typical day involved, taking out the nuts husks and coffee lay them on the ground and after a few hours come start sieving with the wind.

On this day the routine happened and it was all well...

So he picked the short three-legged round sunken top wooden seat and would be issuing commands or alerts on what to do...basically while doing a bit too.

We are halfway on the sieving process and the husks and dust and chuff we on one side and now the clean coffee in the nutshell is one the other...shortly at half means we are to start sorting and packing...

Of course, the process is not foolproof as some of the chuff falls right on the coffee...but way far it is much better to market ...
My grandfather's principle was to sell or give the best of whatever harvest and better remain with the unpure or unclean fo the name was is important than money.

While packing I am not sure where this abnormal courage came from that I had the balls to tell him of all things the only prohibited and cursed wicked habit... and I said...” grandpa you know some people pack on the base of a 90kg sack clean coffee nuts and around the middle the pour the chuff and dirt then fill it up with the clean on top and around such that even if...”stop...who are some people?” 
He asked... I said that is “WHAT THEY SAY” 
He asks “who are THEY?”
I immediately knew this was a bad idea.
And I listened for the worst...

He continued..” there is no one like they... it is people like you really you, who have such ideas that actually do such things...if you are to carry my name you are wicked because you have the worst thoughts I have ever had and heard in this homestead “

And ever since I know it is me who is firstly wicked and not THEY!.

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