The Only Possible Man Journey unto The Moon

People think and believe dreams are not valid...they also state that dreams are a reflection of what went through your mind... the think about dreams they are all in achievable if you look life in reality or try to sleep and have them.

Am talking about dreaming...and it still applies for achievements dreams... those that you wish for the sun and fall in the moon...
I would say it sounds crazy for dreams but when I reflect today it is a reality in dreaming... because I have been there and it was yesterday.... 
I have been researching much content and reviewing many videos reading materials and all in the name of understanding creation and science...
I recently fell in the book of Enoch and as I am in deep I realize there is this part where the angels of the solar system or of the stars”  if you prefer nature to science “
And was walking with Enoch as he got insight into the work and reservations of each of the stars...
And I have been watching tv to sleep when am down I never noticed when I did today.
I am on a land and export station the only one express to the journey with fellows I have a hard time knowing who now as I write, is to go fix the moons course because according to whatever tonight is going with the moon is based on mechanical machinery like those on the London legendary clock.

We get strapped to the funny moon landing lift looking like cubical we wave the iconic by to a crowd I now cant explain who of were and since my goal was to the fix I really did nothing to care who was there, yea when I woke up.

I love this place and I exit the cubical like it was on the 50th floor the skyscraper in mid-city with a glass floor and side watch pads.
It feels scary like if the moon system failed we would burn up ...and the other thought comes up again because of the random actual knowledge too that things burn up in re-entry if they are not padded well for the job.

Then again I realize just because we went up it does not necessarily mean the earth is under our feet...

I was walking now with confidence just after I realized in the 250k kilometres distance horizon there was the glare off clouds and funny I saw 4 other planets but I could not see the earth... one of the people besides me let me “hard to call us astronauts “ said look lower on the clouds and there was mother earth ,oh it is the most has a beautiful blue and some white, out here there is no visible desert or white beaches....not even the green forests somehow up on the sky all the planets almost look the same...
I wonder why scientists don't live in a dream because in there its so easy to search for life ...the planets that do are blue and it was 4 of them and the moon was blank with craters in white and black...but I also saw others that were brown and ringed somehow they ended up showing up the bare barren  glow.
But here it is also not what they tell you there was an office of the head controller of the moon mechanicals...they hard hostels and classes for trainees of future controllers but all people were genuine just never saw the head at any one time we strolled the vast barren land with few buildings.

It was not as big as you think or here the edge was a stone throw away... the best imaginative explanation is of a boat at seeing and the horizon looks near and ovalling down. So clearly you also do not get it, how it was small with that far horizon...
So at the earth, it seemed like it was getting dark because it was turning brown ...and at the same time, the sun was starting to reflect from the same ground we stood on.
 On one side of the bed I started figuring out what just happened I can see the bright white on the earth but on the place we stood it is dark... our exit was supposed to take place on the kite we came by but my agony was ,we burnt out all the power coming how do we return to horizon without an engine... but at the same time I realized it is on earth that we need engines if we push  our craft it will head out same way till we hit the earth's gravity... and I saw life very different everything I ever straggled to do was easy on the moon because there was no gravity...
And this whole time on the side of the bed is wishing that was a good place I should have finished the dream.

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