Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Stuck at the Railway Tracks

Stuck at the railway tracks 

Only people who are drivers and mostly  stick shift drivers understand why a vehicle stalls between the tracks.

Many claims and myths have it that, it is a thing with magnetic fields of the railway from the approaching train... trust me its not.

The science is in the driver skills and ability to hold all of it together when the skills are demanded.

In an actual situation a vehicle would approach the tracks just after slowing down.. and in most cases vehicles would be on a high gear... 

The actual sequence of events would be or are mostly in the following order..
Braking ... 
observing both sides ,whether the barriers are not up...
Engaging a low first or second gear and easing the vehicle slowly over the tracks and normally that would work...

But for impatient drivers and ‘ the beat the train ‘ kind hardly slow down enough... they dont even prepare the vehicle for lumping over the sharp angled tracks which easily destroy the rims and tires .

So when they sense the impact on tires from the first wheels ... it occurs to them they need to shift down , and mind you, remember the idea mostly is to BEAT THE TRAIN , the first trial after shifting down in quick succession will fail.. and mostly at the clutch easing for the smooth start....
And thats when the vehicle shuts down ...

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