Free Speech is a Tool for Enhancing Disorder

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What is free ? ...Speech? Is speaking free...or is speaking your mind free speech? How much does it take to free people...Talk... what does it take to shut people ,organized speech...

Free speech is a tool for enhancing disobedience just another way to strip people manners taboo and heritage and guess who promotes it most mmmh ....
wait for it.    ...capitalists...and 
who is the champion? 
You got that right too...Amerimaca

Everything we speak is free but when you insult and talk bad about people it is free speech ..when you expose corruption and weaknesses it is leaking and when you conceal evidence is modest...would you still say now what is free speech. None of the above or all of the above.

A blubbering child could be said to be having free speech...i disagree any sensible ever calls talking free speech ...that is a reference for rude ruthless and political thinking kind of people...
If you have something to say, you say it well and always mind your words...

When and how did we get here? ..mmmh I’ll give you an answer too...white nationalists this is the highest is the peak of capitalism... this is the sole desire of white to radically direct the thinking of conservatives...

The rod does not strike unless it is lifted... and so is the ideas of a wicked society... when the true Africanness conquered the earth radical wicked ideas were suppressed and guess what ? Women too.

The sole desire and plan by white supremacy it is to make africans and black Hebrew man forget his history and commandments of God... the fact that Hebrew are the only practitioners of biblical culture proves that albinism and caucasian was result of curse not curse me yet...
Everyone of the old or learned knows even today albino people are hidden despised and hunted and killed... i am not of such extreme ideas... but i know that tanned skin meant man had something to fix with God.

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