Dwelling in Consciousness

Dwelling in consciousness Part [1]

Right is not going to fight might in a physical fight 

If you see things that need to be fixed it is because you are in a position to fix... why not just fix things.
Everything born out of zero..has power with more zeros
The education system teaches self and aggressiveness, the community teaches unity...
A bird flies because it takes itself lightly... unlike a fool who feeds on a party too much and get constipated...and cannot move...

A person searching alone might not find or will end up taking up more time.. but a unity search, brings joy to those who partake and in the shortened time.
A copyright cannot be sold or unsold

If you have a dream at any age  you can have a dream come true

Capitalism is an emotionless business because it is a blaming thing.

Oh, it is easy to help ..really? no, it is simple because the other side of ease is unease and disease...
Gifts are usable, talents have to be developed.
Alone is a good place to fill and search for one's soul...
Poor is a state of mind most people are just broke or in a state of brokenness...

The shitstem of capitalism is to deny others wealth and hold back on dues because with equity everyone has a chance to become level.

Equity is not an economic valuable ...the value is to heavy for the ruling class.

Everyone desires positivity and yet want a negative blood result..but nature does not exist on positivity... a charge is a negative ion...and a positive is two negatives.. without negative positive would not be measured up... positive relies on negative to showcase the difference and gradual improvement.

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